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UK Births 1837-1915.
Table Pers ID Surname First Name Mothers Maiden Name District Qtr Year Vol Page date if Known Source General Notes More Info Held
BirthsP1736POWISWilliam ErnestParslowIslingtonSep18861b253   Probable parents:William & Sarah Parslow. Died 1907 aged 20
BirthsP1825POWISRobert JamesParslowWandsworthSep18881d579   Understood to be son of William Powis and Sarah Parslow. Died WW1 - 1918 - France (see War Graves listing).
BirthsP1882POWISFlorence ManoParslowWandsworthMar18901d6?3   Probable parents:William & Sarah Parslow
BirthsP1941POWISEdith LilianParslowWandsworthDec18911d575   Probable parents:William & Sarah Parslow
BirthsP2025POWISSydney JohnParslowWandsworthSep18931d5?6   Probable parents:William & Sarah Parslow
BirthsP2108POWISJohn EdwardParslowWandsworthSep18951d629   Son of William Powis and Sarah Parslow. Died WW1 - 1915 - France (see War Graves listing)
BirthsP2391POWISViolet LilianParslowSouthwarkDec19011d152   Probable parents:William & Sarah Parslow

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